ein film von anne kodura fotografiert von friede clausz

63. International Filmfestspiele Berlin

It is the summer holidays.

Deep in the woods and among some sheep pastures a bloc of flats stands on a former military base of the Soviet army. Surrounded by ruinous barracks, an overgrown soccer field and a brand new wire mesh fence.

This is where Aya, Momo and Mustafa grow up. They spend the holidays at home at the asylum seeker's camp. Born and raised in Germany, they do not really understand this "asylum seeking thing", but rather want to be quite normal. They chase away the boredom by playing football, make a trip to the nearby lake and dabble in copper scrap trading.

A story of childhood, home and the search for identity.

Documentary | 79 min | Germany 2013 | DCP | 1:2,39 | B&W | DD 5.1